Sweet Pea Prefolds - 6 Packs

Sweet Pea

$9.98 $16.99



Looking for a quality prefold with great sizing? Look no further! The Sweet Pea Prefolds is available in 3 sizes:
Newborn = 6-10lbs (although NL Owner Erica, feels they fit longer than 10lbls)
Unwashed Dimensions = 11.5" x 13"
Ply = 4x8x4

Infant = 8-18lbs (not from personal experience, but guessing these would fit larger)
Unwashed Dimensions = 14" x 16"
Ply = 4x8x4

Baby = 16-35lbs (NL Owner Erica has a child in this size at 40lbs, with room to grow!)
Unwashed Dimesions = 17" x 20"
Ply = 4x8x4



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