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Snuggy Baby

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Snuggy Baby cloth diaper system is a one size, all in 2 diaper system.  With 4 rise settings cross over snaps, and crotch and bottom snaps, the cover is sized to fit babies 8-35 lbs (From newborn to potty training)  Our unique crotch and bottom snaps allow you to adjust the width of the diaper not only in the waist but throughout the entire diaper allowing you to get a great fit for tiny newborns and still allow room for growth of toddlers. 

They come in several adorable prints so you are sure to find one (or several) that you love.  The unique Snuggy Baby inserts snap in and tuck securely into place.  The cover is made with PUL so that you can easily wipe it clean in bewtwen uses, but only soft polyester touches the baby's skin.  This cover is designed to be used with the snap in Snuggy Baby inserts, but you can also use it with your favorite prefold or fitted diaper. 

Our unique insert system (sold separately) is designed to grow with your child.  The newborn insert also snaps into the larger insert to become a booster for additional absorbancy for older babies and heavy wetters.  The fold lines are marked to easily show the user how to adjust it for medium sided babies. The petal design allows for the fastes drying time.  The unique contoured shape allows for maximum absorbancy while maintaining a trim fit.  It also helps the diaper stay in place when tucked into the Snuggy Baby diaper cover. 

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