Dr. Browns Breast Shells - 1 pair S4004H

Dr. Browns

$6.59 $10.99


Dr. Brown’s Breast Shells help protect sore or irritated nipples from coming into contact with clothing. Small profile is discreet under clothing. The Breast Shells feature a flexible silicone disc that goes against the skin for comfort, and a hard shell which protects the nipple from contact with clothing. Features: Low-profile design is more discreet under clothing. Design protects sore nipples from rubbing against clothing. Protects sore or irritated nipples and promotes breast healing. Allows nipple to breath and recover, especially between breastfeeding sessions. Holes allow air circulation to help nipple healing. Design collects excess breastmilk. BPA Free. Includes 2 Breast Shells. Dishwasher safe.

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