Bravado Breast Pads


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Bravado! Moisture-Wick™ Washable Breast Pads

The four layer Bravado! Moisture-Wick™ Washable Breast Pads are an innovative, super absorbent terry-cloth pad with “stay dry” technology.

Who says leaking means she has to spend her days and nights feeling wet? Not us. And that's why our breast pads are the only ones on the market with a layer that wicks moisture away from her body. So she feels dry, is less likely to develop thrush or an infection, and the breast pads don't stick to sensitive areas when she takes them out of her bra. Not only that, but they're washable and reusable too - fabulous for mom AND the environment!


  • Bravado! Moisture-Wick™ inner layer - this innovative material ensures that the fabric closest to the skin stays dry by gently wicking in moisture and then locking it inside the terry cloth core. This promotes increased air circulation, keeps the sensitive nipple area dry and, unlike disposable pads, will not stick to the nipple.
  • terry cloth core and outer layer - made with super-absorbent, breathable terry cloth consisting of multiple layers that soak up milk and help prevent embarrassing wet spots.
  • economical & green - these reusable pads are not only friendly to the earth they are also friendly to your customers’ wallets as they can be washed and reused.
  • form-fitted shape - a unique dart on the outside (not against the skin) gives a form-fitting shape and minimizes movement of the pad under a bra. And, because the pad is a cream color, it stays looking fresh longer than white pads.

    Fabric Content: Bravado! Moisture-WickTM: 100% Polyester. Terrycloth - 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester.

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