Best Bottom Hemp/Organic Cotton Overnight Inserts

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We are also adding other optional inserts to accommodate for all situations. Our Overnight option makes cloth diapering at night with no leaks a breeze! Each Microfiber Overnight insert consists of 6 layers of super thirsty microfiber made to fit with any Regular insert option of the same size. Hemp/Cotton Overnight inserts consist of 8 layers of hemp/Certified Organic cotton. Snap in the Overnight option and snap a Regular insert on top - you choose if you want to use the Stay Dry option or Hemp/Organic Cotton option touching your baby!

Best Bottom Hemp/Organic Cotton Overnight Inserts

Hemp Overnight - Small (Front)
Hemp Overnight - Small 
Hemp Overnight - Medium (Front)
Hemp Overnight - Medium 
Hemp Overnight - Large (Front)
Hemp Overnight - Large 



Insert Size Washed
Insert Length*
Child Weight Stitch Color
Small 11.00" Birth - 14 lbs. Green
Medium 12.75" 11 - 22 lbs. White
Large 13.75" 16 - 35 lbs. Blue

*Approximate length measurements for after inserts have been washed.

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