Prepping New Diapers

"Why do I need to prep my new XYZ diaper and how do I do it?" This is one of the most common questions we see in the diaper retail business. 

Let's break this down:


Why do you wash your clothes before you wear them? To wash off any oils, residues, dust, ick or chemicals that may be left in the fabrics from the manufacturing process. That is first and foremost. For some fabrics, one wash is enough and the first reason is the only reason you need to prep or prewash your diapers. 

Another reason to prep your diapers is that some fabrics require a few washes before they reach maximum absorbency. 

The final reason, to get the shrinking out of the way. Some natural fiber inserts need to be prepped and shrunk to the proper size.


Man-made Fabrics (microfiber, covers, etc.): These products and fabric types only need to be washed once. They are already at maximum absorbency and there should be no shrinking.

Natural Fibers (cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc.):  Diapers made from natural fabrics require, on average, 3-6 washes before they reach maximum absorbency. One thing to take note of is that natural fibers typically have the oils and residues mentioned in our Why? section above. For that reason, you need to prep these fabrics separately from your microfiber diapers so that the oils do not deposit on them and cause a build up. After the prepping, you can wash all diapers together. 

Tip: prep your diapers with your towels. Just make sure to use your diaper detergent and no fabric softeners.

Note: Make sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations as these are not steadfast prepping instructions. 

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