Modern Cloth Options

Because there is a common misconception about cloth diapers in today’s society of “take ‘n’ toss” and convenience, the cloth diaper industry had to come up with a simple way to make it known that we are advancing. Thus, the term “Modern Cloth Diapers” has surfaced in an effort to ensure that we can grab the attention of new parents and make them consider cloth diapering. The days of pins and wet pails are OVER!

Here are the options available to you today:



Covers are today’s version of, aka REPLACEMENT for, plastic pants. There was nothing stylish about plastic pants. Today’s covers are functional and adorable! In order to achieve both function and maximum cuteness, manufacturers have begun using Polyurethane Laminated (PUL) or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) fabrics. Basically, laminated fabrics. Covers are available in several sizes and designs including adjustable, one size covers!

Prefolds & Flats:

Prefolds and Flats are the most basic cloth diapers. They are the easiest to care for and the most economical options available. Although the advancement of covers and diaper fasteners has made the use of prefolds and flats much easier, these are still considered “old school” in comparison to the newer options on the market.
Flats are a single layer of fabric that can be folded in several different ways to ensure optimal absorbency and fit. Most are one size.
Prefolds are essentially prefolded flats. They have 3 sections and are defined by the fabric layers. The most common are 4x6x4 or 4x8x4. Again, they can be folded in several different ways, but they come in different sizes.

Fitted Diapers:

Fitted diapers are highly absorbent and are a great option for “heavy wetters” or for overnight. They come in several different fabrics ranging from birdseye to bamboo to microfiber. These look quite similar to a disposable diaper, but they do require a cover.

All In Twos:

Commonly seen written as AI2s or called hybrids, these are a diaper system consisting of 2 pieces, a shell or cover and an insert, that fit together. Some will snap into place, others have flaps on either end of the shell and others just lay into place. The outer shell can be used 3 or more times, only changing the insert at diaper changes.


Pocket diapers are also a system, but instead of inserts laying in a shell that can be used several times, the inserts are stuffed into a pocket. The pocket system allows you to customize the absorbency by added as many or as few inserts as you like. With this system, you do need to change the shell with each diaper change. Pockets are most commonly a stay dray material that helps to pull moisture away from your baby.

All In Ones:

Referred to as AIOs, these are the closest thing to a disposable diaper in the Modern Cloth Diaper arsenal. These go on and off in one piece which is where the term “All In One” came from. The absorbent material is sewn together with the waterproof shell.

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