Jessalyn Bentz and Josh Wendll Baby Registry

Below is a list of items on Jessalyn Bentz and Josh Wendll's Baby Registry. You can shop online or in store. 
They are having a SURPRISE BABY expected to arrive in August!  Each Item will open in a new window, so please check your pop up blocker if you are having trouble. 
As items are PURCHASED, I will list what they HAVE.


Please make sure to let me know you are purchasing from the registry in store or in the order notes if online!




Sweet Pea Newborn AIO:

Want: Bright yellow, Green Apple

Have: 0


Best Bottoms: 

Want: 4, you pick (no camo)

Have: Hedgehog



Want: 1, you pick

Have: 0


Imagine Prefolds:

Want: 2 x-small


Have: 1 x-small


Best Bottom Inserts:

Want: 6- Small Stay Dry

           3- Small Overnight

           6- Medium Stay Dry 

           3- Medium Overnight

           6- Large Stay Dry

           3- Large Overnight


CJ Butter:

Want: 2, you pick 

Have: 0




Want: 2- Blues

          2- Mint Green and White

Have: 1- Mint Green and White


Wet/Dry Bags and Pail Liners:

Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag:

Want: 1- Owls

Have: 0


Planet Wise Large Wet/Dry Bag:

Want: 2, Teal Chevron & Monster Mash


Planet Wise Pail Liner:

Want: 1, Hedgehog

Have: 0



Eco Sprout: 

Want: 2, Any scent

Have: 0


Baby Carrier:

Baby K'Tan Basic:

Want: 1, Sage Green size Medium

Have: 0


Aden & Anais:

Bamboo Swaddles:

Want: 2, you pick

Have: 0

Dream Blanket: 

Want: Giraffe


Changing Pad:

Want: Liam the Brave Flying Dogs

Have: 0


Green Toys:


Want: 1

Have: 0



Want: 1

Have: 0



Want: 1

Have: 0









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