All In Ones

Also referred to as AIOs, these are a one piece diaper. The absorbency is sewn into a waterproof outer layer. They are an easy and convenient cloth diaper option and the closest, in functionality, to a disposable diaper. The entire thing goes on, off and then is washed. There are no extra pieces or assembly required. 

These diapers are going to be the more expensive option when choosing your cloth diapers.

If you chose to use AIOs for your entire cloth diaper stash, you'll need to purchase diapers based on the estimations* below:
Newborns = 12-15 diapers
Up to about 1 year = 8-12 diapers
Through potty training = 6-8 diapers
*Every baby is different so these are estimated numbers. I have personally had a newborn that needed 10 diapers a day and another that needed 15+.

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