Why I Skipped World Breastfeeding Week (Plus New Sales & Promos)

Why I skipped World Breastfeeding Week

Every year, we run all kinds of specials and make lots of posts on our page about breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week and the week of The Big Latch On. This year, I found myself uninterested and distanced myself from the week, which is just not typical of me. I've breastfed all 4 of my children, some longer than others. But this year, this is my first year not breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week and the plan is that we are done having babies. See, my baby, who is just over 20 months, has weaned herself and been weaned for a few months now. It's bitter sweet. It's a whole new stage in my parenting journey. 

That said, we do have a couple specials for you:

We are offering 50% off the following products when you purchase TWO or more of a single product.

Buy 2 or more boxes of MilkMaid Tea and receive 50% off of the tea.
Buy 2 or more Milk-To-Go Bags and receive 50% off of each bag.
Buy 2 or more bottles of Fenugreek and receive 50% off of each bottle.

Use coupon code MoreMilk at checkout, valid through July 18th.

We are also including a free One Size, All In One cloth diaper with every purchase of $150 or more. No coupon needed.

Please join our Facebook Group for additional sales and coupons which are posted periodically and randomly. 

We also have an informal breastfeeding support group called Breastfeed the Littles that you are welcome to join.

Have a wonderful week!

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