My Red, Winter Cardinal

Growing up in the Midwest, spending every Sunday afternoon and many other evenings at my Grandparent's house in our small Nebraska town, I was very close to my maternal Grandmother. Christmas was her most favorite time of the year. She had this huge, white, glass Nativity Scene with who knows how many pieces. To a child's eyes, there must have been 100! Who knows, mreaybe there were. Her Christmas tree was always decorated with red, green and gold Victorian style ornaments, and a red cardinal. It was just always there and it wasn't until I was in my 20s that I asked why there was always a cardinal on the tree. Grandma explained to me that it was there to represent those who had passed before us during the holidays. I shrugged, said OK, and went on with my day. You see, at that time, I hadn't ever really lost someone close to me, so I didn't have a personal connection to the bird. Fast forward a few years....I've lost my stepfather, my cardinal loving maternal grandmother, my paternal grandfather and my husband has lost both paternal grandparents and his maternal grandfather. We definitely have loved ones looking over us now!

I should also mention that all of these wonderful people are also Nebraska Football fans. My Grandma especially. We even released red balloons at her funeral like they do at the first touchdown of every home game at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. The first game I went to without her, I sent up two. It was a tough moment.

So, all that said, have you seen the newest Thirsties Print & Solid color releasing at 8am Central time on December 8th? It couldn't scream GRANDMA'S WATCHING OUT FOR YOU any more. I mean, a Winter print, with a Red Cardinal and then a solid Red (with white snaps!) that is a true red? Really? Of course we stocked these and of course I'm hoarding some for my own stash!

Take a look!



Winter Woods is a LIMITED EDITION PRINT, while Scarlet will remain a part of the regular product line. A true red. Finally!

We have a very limited amount of each diaper. We will sell only what we have on hand, check the stock levels at Thirsties, and then, if stock is OK, we will re-open ordering with our standard drop ship option from Thristies.

We will stock these colors/prints with regular products.

You'll be able to find:
Natural OS AIO Snap

Natural Newborn AIO

Duo Wrap Snaps

OS Pocket Diaper

and the Wet Bag (will be added Thursday)


REMEMBER, these stock at 8am Central Time on Thursday the 8th!

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