Thirsties Diapers Return to the #NLDiaperWall


Last week, we alerted you to the discontinuation of bumGenius (use code BG3OFF for $3 off remaining Freetimes, Elementals, 4.0s, Flips and Flip Training Kits) product lines in our store. Although we are still very sad to see that brand go, we are more than thrilled to re-add Thirsties to Natural Littles. 

When I realized that bumGenius was no longer a good fit for our store, I began my research into new lines of cloth diapers. I tested a couple brands, thought about increasing stock levels of brands we have now, asked for advice from other retailers and just about drove myself crazy. Then I went home, and got #Little3 ready for bed. I grabbed a Thirsties Pocket diaper, shoved the dual microfiber/hemp insert into the pocket and an extra Punkin Butt Hemp insert into that pocket and confidently laid next to my toddler in my bed. It was the biggest LIGHT BULB this pregnant woman has had in months! WHY DO WE NOT STOCK THIRSTIES ANYMORE!?!?!?!? The next day, I reached out to Thirsties and had my account reactivated. 

I'm IN LOVE wit their new prints and colors and cannot wait to try out one of their newborn AIOs, with a snap down for the umbilical cord, on #Little4 whenever he/she makes their arrival. 

Because of timing, clearing out bumGenius and bringing massive amounts of toys for Christmas, we have had to stock in very limited quantities. But Thirsties is an AMAZING company to work with and I am happy to place special orders for anything they have in stock and have it shipped directly to you, at no additional charge. Just send me a message or give me a call!

THANK YOU for your continued support of our family owned store. My store is my passion and I love what I do.

Watch for more information on our Holiday Open House and the arrival of brand new toys from HAPE and Farm Buddies!

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