Amber Necklaces, so much more than Teething Relief!

Why would I need one?

As a Natural Parent, you're heard about or researched the benefits of amber necklaces and/or bracelets on your teething Littles. But those same amazing pain fighting properties can benefit you as well in the form of Adult Amber Necklaces!

Let me tell you about my experience:

On September 27th, I woke up what was sure to be another 2-3 day migraine. I had suffered from these for the past 3 weeks. It's just another one of the wonderful things about pregnancy for me. I can't take my migraine medication and Tylenol has never done much for me. After a full day of working at the store and battling a migraine, I went home, fought through dinner and bedtime routines with our Littles (one of which wears her own amber necklace for teething) and crashed. I can't recall which Little it was that woke me up way earlier than I wanted them to, but as soon as I moved, I knew I was in for day two.

I went about my morning, because as a mom and busines owner, sometimes you just have to suck it up, right?

At about 3:00pm, I decided it was time for me to test out an Amber Necklace. We carry Momma Goose Amber in our store, so I grabbed one just a little darker than the image below.

Now, asking it to cure a migraine is a little much, but I threw it on anyway. After the store closed, our family loaded up in the car and headed for Chicago. We planned to drive about 6 hours to my mother's place Friday night and the rest of the way Saturday morning. After about an hour in the car, I couldn't stop sobbing. I was in SO much pain. I did finally take some Tylenol and things did eas up after I had a good meal. Thank you, Cracker Barrel!

I've pretty much had my necklace on non-stop since then. I take mine off for showers, but not everyone does. Want to know something amazing? I haven't had a single headache, even when complete sleep deprived, since then. It's the best money I've ever spent on myself. I have more energy, less pain and less stress, because I have less pain.

So don't just limit the wonderful and natural benefits of Amber.

Here is a comment from a fan on our FaceBook Page as well:

"This is an FYI to Nursing Morhers out there. I have nursed all 4 of my children and i have always had to suppliment or take fenugreen to keep my supply up. Well a couple weeks ago i purchased a Baltic Amber necklace for me (and my daughters). Prior to the amber necklace i was tired all the time, had headaches all the time and was stuggling to keep up my milk suppy for my 7 mo old. Now (about 2 wee...
ks later) im less tired, no headaches and my milk supply has rocketed threw the roof. These necklaces are (for me) pricey but my husband said to buy one of these necklaces is about the cost of one can of formula (we were on the verg of needing to buy formula), so we went ahead and Bit the Bullet and bought me one. Soooo Worth It! Highly Recomend! Thank you Natural Littles"

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