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We've been sitting on a Best Bottom Buzz cover, trying to figure out how to handle the giveaway that is required for this cover. Then Celtic Clover came along and well, it just made too much sense! A pot of Gold, aka BUZZ, to go along with the Luck of the Iris, aka Celtic Clover.

This giveaway will end the 8th. This should allow for sufficient time to get the cover to you for St. Patrick's Day. Mandatory Entries for joining our Facebook Group and Newsletter Mailing lists with additional entries for following our social media pages and making purchases. 

I highly recommend the entry for Littles' Loot as once you sing up, you'll be earn a referral link where you can earn points by referring your friends and family to our store!

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My Red, Winter Cardinal

Growing up in the Midwest, spending every Sunday afternoon and many other evenings at my Grandparent's house in our small Nebraska town, I was very close to my maternal Grandmother. Christmas was her most favorite time of the year. She had this huge, white, glass Nativity Scene with who knows how many pieces. To a child's eyes, there must have been 100! Who knows, mreaybe there were. Her Christmas tree was always decorated with red, green and gold Victorian style ornaments, and a red cardinal. It was just always there and it wasn't until I was in my 20s that I asked why there was always a cardinal on the tree. Grandma explained to me that it was there to represent those who had passed before us during the holidays. I shrugged, said OK, and went on with my day. You see, at that time, I hadn't ever really lost someone close to me, so I didn't have a personal connection to the bird. Fast forward a few years....I've lost my stepfather, my cardinal loving maternal grandmother, my paternal grandfather and my husband has lost both paternal grandparents and his maternal grandfather. We definitely have loved ones looking over us now!

I should also mention that all of these wonderful people are also Nebraska Football fans. My Grandma especially. We even released red balloons at her funeral like they do at the first touchdown of every home game at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. The first game I went to without her, I sent up two. It was a tough moment.

So, all that said, have you seen the newest Thirsties Print & Solid color releasing at 8am Central time on December 8th? It couldn't scream GRANDMA'S WATCHING OUT FOR YOU any more. I mean, a Winter print, with a Red Cardinal and then a solid Red (with white snaps!) that is a true red? Really? Of course we stocked these and of course I'm hoarding some for my own stash!

Take a look!



Winter Woods is a LIMITED EDITION PRINT, while Scarlet will remain a part of the regular product line. A true red. Finally!

We have a very limited amount of each diaper. We will sell only what we have on hand, check the stock levels at Thirsties, and then, if stock is OK, we will re-open ordering with our standard drop ship option from Thristies.

We will stock these colors/prints with regular products.

You'll be able to find:
Natural OS AIO Snap

Natural Newborn AIO

Duo Wrap Snaps

OS Pocket Diaper

and the Wet Bag (will be added Thursday)


REMEMBER, these stock at 8am Central Time on Thursday the 8th!

Brick & Mortar Store Closing! Online to stay open.

It's time to move on!

This last week has not gone how I had hoped. I had planned to get things set up for Real Diaper/Earth Week and the Great Cloth Diaper Change. I ended up visiting a few doctors last week which lead to surgery this Tuesday and a slower recover than I had hoped for. I accomplished nothing this week. I'm running on fumes so I'm sending a very lazy newsletter.

All sales info is being shared in our Facebook Group, primarily.
Discounts are what they are. There will not be better discounts next week and we are not restocking anything at this point.

Quick rundown, all sales are FINAL. No returns. No exchanges. Not valid on past or pending purchases or special order requests.

Diapers will be 10%  off all brands and accessories. Clothes are 35% off. Aden+Anais blankets are 15% off. Toys are 20-40% off. Essential oils are 30% off. Baby carriers will have a free gift teething item thrown in of my choice, no code.

Again, we are not restocking things at this point. We will close the doors on April 30th. During the month of May we will be packing up, selling fixtures and displays, continuing to run these sales via the website and scheduled local pick ups. I'm going to lay low the month of June, not do or add anything new, but work on the website some, and enjoy some time with my family. After that, I will rejuvenate the website and be more active.

I also hope to get really into my studies this summer so I can finish my Breastfeeding Educator Certification and prepare myself for the Certified Lactation Counselor course. I'm still a bit sad, but I truly excited to move on with what I want to do and be a part of the community.

Join our Breastfeeding Support Group!


Thank you again for supporting us over the years. We truly love our store and our moms.


2.27.16 Newsletter

Please take a moment to read our latest Newsletter at the link below:

Highlights include NURSING BRA SALES and an important policy update regarding shipping.

Thirsties Diapers Return to the #NLDiaperWall


Last week, we alerted you to the discontinuation of bumGenius (use code BG3OFF for $3 off remaining Freetimes, Elementals, 4.0s, Flips and Flip Training Kits) product lines in our store. Although we are still very sad to see that brand go, we are more than thrilled to re-add Thirsties to Natural Littles. 

When I realized that bumGenius was no longer a good fit for our store, I began my research into new lines of cloth diapers. I tested a couple brands, thought about increasing stock levels of brands we have now, asked for advice from other retailers and just about drove myself crazy. Then I went home, and got #Little3 ready for bed. I grabbed a Thirsties Pocket diaper, shoved the dual microfiber/hemp insert into the pocket and an extra Punkin Butt Hemp insert into that pocket and confidently laid next to my toddler in my bed. It was the biggest LIGHT BULB this pregnant woman has had in months! WHY DO WE NOT STOCK THIRSTIES ANYMORE!?!?!?!? The next day, I reached out to Thirsties and had my account reactivated. 

I'm IN LOVE wit their new prints and colors and cannot wait to try out one of their newborn AIOs, with a snap down for the umbilical cord, on #Little4 whenever he/she makes their arrival. 

Because of timing, clearing out bumGenius and bringing massive amounts of toys for Christmas, we have had to stock in very limited quantities. But Thirsties is an AMAZING company to work with and I am happy to place special orders for anything they have in stock and have it shipped directly to you, at no additional charge. Just send me a message or give me a call!

THANK YOU for your continued support of our family owned store. My store is my passion and I love what I do.

Watch for more information on our Holiday Open House and the arrival of brand new toys from HAPE and Farm Buddies!


Natural Littles Labor Day Sales & 3rd Birthday!

News and Sales!


In case you missed the announcement, we have made some changes to our store hours.

Monday 10:00-5:30
Tuesday 10:00-5:30
Wednesday 10:00-5:30
Thursday 10:00-5:30
Friday 10:00-5:30
Saturday 10:00-4:00

With the introduction of more hours, we also needed more help! We are pleased to welcome Amber to our team! She will be working Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, as well as some Saturdays. Don't worry, Brittney is still around. She'll be working full days on Tuesdays, and a Saturday here and there. If you only knew how much she does behind the scenes and to fill in for Erica whenever needed. Erica will be there Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, all day Thursday, and the Saturdays that no one else is working. 

3 years!?! Can you believe it?

I honestly have slacked on planning a celebration, mostly because we have had a lot going on within our family this summer and being pregnant, while also have 3 children, one of which is a "all boy" 2yr old toddler, is just exhausting. I spent about 10 minutes scrolling through Facebook posts today trying to find the official first day of business for Natural Littles. It was September 8, 2012. We operated online before that, but when we opened our brick & mortar store, it became "real" to us, so that is what we are celebrating. And it also happens to be Labor Day Weekend, so there is that, too.

I suppose you want to know the sales, huh?


Sales, Valid through 11:59pm CST, on Tuesday, September 8th

Only one coupon code per order!
Please read carefully.

Orders of $50-$99.99
    10% off your purchase - Code 10OFF

On all offers below, you must add the item to your cart,
then use the code at checkout

Orders of $100 to $124.99
    Free Jelly Stone Organic Pendant - Code FREEJS
Orders of $125.00 to $149.99 
    Free Momma Goose Amber Teething Bracelet - Code FREEBRACELET
Orders of $150 to $199.99 - Choose One
    Free One Size, All In One Diape
          Sweet Pea Bamboo - Code FREESPAIO
          bumGenius Elemental - FREEBGE
          bumGenius Freetime - FREEBGFT
    $20 toward any teething item - Code 20TEETH
Orders of $200 to $249.99 
    Free Momma Goose  Amber Teething Necklace - Code FREENECKLACE
Orders of $250 or more - Choose One
Free Hanging Leslie's Boutique Wet/Dry Bag - Code FREEBAG
   15% off your purchase - 15OFF
Additional details:
Coupons valid until 11:59pm CST, on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 or while freebie supplies last.
In store purchases will NOT be eligible for Loyalty Stamps and Loyalty Credits cannot be used.
Not valid on any pending or prior purchases. 
You may choose a lower "level" freebie on your order, but NOT a higher one.
You are welcome to make more than one purchase, but each purchase will qualify for freebies individually and cannot be combined.
Not all items ship free. Examples include prefolds and detergents. 
I think I've covered everything, but in case I left something out, terms & conditions subject to change without notice. 

Pocket Diapers: What say you?

Once upon a time, an expectant mom desired to use cloth diapers more than anything else in the world. She chickened out with her first child, so before she was even 20 weeks into her 2nd pregnancy, she bought a pretty amazing stash of bumGenius diapers = 18 of the Elementals and 12 of the 3.0s (now 4.0s), along with a handful of accessories. That mom was me!

I quickly became a "Pocket Hater" because my daughter was a side sleeper and the microfiber just couldn't absorb her urine fast enough and she leaked constantly. I sold all but the 4 white ones on eBay and never looked back. I figured white diapers were a good thing to keep on hand for special occasions and white dresses.

In fact, here is the photo I posted in eBay to get rid of them: 

Well, here we are 2 1/2 years later and guess what we use EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT on our 2 1/2 year old. Yep. Our old trusty 3.0s! Our daughter is fully potty trained during the days, but just cannot make it through the night. Now, to be honest, we stuff the pocket with a prefold because it holds more and absorbs faster, but we need the easy on-off of the pocket and the stay dry material. 

Part of being an "expert" in cloth diapering is experience. Pocket diapers have been all the rage for quite some time and I've always kinda rolled my eyes at these moms. If you've shopped in our brick & mortar store and I've shown you the pocket diapers, you have probably picked up on the fact that they were not my favorites. I catch myself saying things like, "You have to stuff this insert in this pocket" and then I do it haphazardly. Ah, but new experiences with old products can definitely change your thinking.

We've stocked the Thirsties Duo Diapers since we opened our brick & mortar back in September. Some of my favorite things about this diaper are:
1. The duo size system: Size 1 fits 6-18lbs and Size 2 fits 18-40lbs. My girls were just over 6lbs each and my 2 1/2 yr old may get close to 40lbs before she's night trained.
2. The Double Leg Gussets: While maybe not as important in the older child, newborn explosions are part of parenting and those double gussets can save a life.....or outfit.
3. Multiple insert options: microfiber, cotton-hemp, cotton-polyester, whatever works for you and your child!
4. Made in the USA: Colorado to be exact!

Just today, we added the bumGenius 4.0. I had been considering adding them, and then they announced the new prints!

It was a no brainer, so I ordered a few. We did limit our selection to the snap closures only, but we are more than happy to special order the aplix as well.
Some of the bumGenius 4.0 features include:
1. One Size Diaper: This diaper will fit the average baby from birth (8lbs) to potty training (35lbs)
2. One Size Insert: One of the the two microfiber inserts that come with each 4.0 has a snap down sizing option. This makes it easy to get that insert laid out nice and flat in the pocket, regardless of the size setting you have your diaper set to.
3. Newborn Insert:  We all know a bulky diaper on your tiny newborn is just annoying. The newborn insert is trim and thin, but has enough absorbency for your newborn. It also serves as a great doubler later on, when needed.
4. Brand Name: In case you haven't noticed, "bumGenius" is probably the most recognizable diaper brand on the market today.
5. Made in the USA: Seeing a common theme with the products we carry?

So, there you have it. I used to hate pocket diapers and now I can't live without them!

Like so many of us in the industry say, what works for me may not work for you. And what works for me today, may not work tomorrow. Cloth diapering is not hard, it just requires adjustment from time to time. And the nice thing is, cloth diapers hold their value fairly well so if something isn't working, you can resell them online and try something else. Diversify your stash! But try a pocket or two. 

Have a great weekend and maybe by next week, we'll have a new Little to do all the diaper testing!

1,000 FaceBook Fans!?!?!

I know this isn't pretty, but I'm in a hurry. I just copied this from the newsletter.  

Thank you FaceBook Fans!!!!

We've reached 1,000 LIKES on FaceBook

And you will be rewarded!

TODAY: Starting at 4pm CST, we will be having an auction on our FaceBook Page. Please make sure you head over and LIKE our page if you haven't already.

Items up for auction include diaper covers, AIOs, wet bags, skin care and baby gifts. View the album and rules here.

FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY: We are offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL USA and APO purchases through our website! We do offer shipping to Canada, but unfortunately, we cannot offer free shipping nor can we always accurately calculate shipping costs. Because of that, we charge a flat $20 shipping to Canada. Once we have the item shipped, we will refund the difference based upon actual shipping costs.

Don't forget about our Natural Moms Club/Loyalty Program!!!

For those of you who are local, we offer a Cloth 101 Class the 1st Saturday of each month ($10.00) and a Breastfeeding Support Group on the 3rd Saturday. Any in-store events will be listed here.

We now carry bumGenius Products!
We have also added Eco Vessel!
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An Ear Infection!?!?! Really? Ugh

If you've shopped with us, or read my blog post in October about amber and why I wear it, you know that I am a HUGE advocate of this product. What I didn't tell you in about in my last post is the alternate reason that I keep amber on my Littles (for now) all the time.

Here's why: 

Isabelle was born September 17th, 2010, just in time for cold and flu season. Awesome, huh? The poor kid caught a cold in November and was sick for months. We purchased a nebulizer for breathing treatments and she suffered through 5 ear infections prior to the end of February. Two of them were back to back and one resulted in a ruptured ear drum. Talks of tubes were starting already.

I had purchased an amber bracelet for her when she was about 3 months old and started putting it on her ankle around 4 months of age, but we quickly lost it (found it again about a year later). We upgraded to a necklace and that's when things started to change.

I put the necklace on her at the end of February 2011. She wears her necklace around the clock, only removing it for baths. She LOVES her necklace and makes sure it is put back on with her pajamas after baths. Since getting the necklace, up until today, she has had ONE, yes ONE, confirmed ear infection! She went from five within four months to one in nearly 2 years. Like I said, until today.

Right before Christmas, both Littles and I came down with a head cold and stuffy noses. Poor Isabelle just won't let it go. Today she told me her ear hurt, she felt a little warm and I figured she better be seen tonight. We were at the store and I realized she didn't have her necklace on, so of course, like any good mom would do, I gave her mine.

Super Dad hauled her off to the clinic after the store closed this evening and sure enough, ear infection and a pink throat.

So why am I telling you something that contradicts my "amber necklaces prevent/treat ear infections" belief?

Because.....she lost her necklace about a week ago!

Coincidence? I'm going with no!

So there you have it, another reason to give Momma Goose Amber a try.

Good night, Mommas!


Confessions of a Crunchy Mama

Or am I even crunchy at all??!!??!!??

According to this little quiz I am "Pretty Crispy" with my score of 89. 

Most people would just assume that I'm some sort of crazy hippy that adheres to all the natural parenting stereotypes, but I don't. And when we had our first, I would have been lucky to score a 20!

Let me tell you about my introduction to parenthood:

About 2 weeks before we got pregnant, I quit smoking and decided that beer and Cheetos was probably not the most healthy diet if we were going to be trying to conceive. See, I wasn't crunchy at all when I started my journey into parenthood!

I had every intention of breastfeeding my child (we didn't know the sex of the baby) and cloth diapering. Breastfeeding to save money and cloth diapers because they were cute. Still not crunchy. I gave up on cloth diapers before I ever even put my hands on one because I was so overwhelmed with the idea of being a mommy that the diaper research pushed me over. But I was still determined to breastfeed.

We saw a regular OB/GYN in Nashville, TN for our prenatal care. I had told her I wanted to wait as long as possible to have an epidural and even try to go without, she shrugged me off. At the advice of my OB at my 36 week appointment, I was induced at 37 weeks for "high blood pressure."
After being scared into getting an epidural at 3.5by my nurseWe delivered a beautiful little girl at 5:38pm on March 31, 2008, right after the episiotomy. OUCH! From there, things just kept going the opposite of what I wanted. My epidural didn't wear off of my left leg for 2 days so I was in bed for the entire time I was there. 

Breastfeeding was hard, very hard. The lactation services in-room were not helpful. All they did was give me a nipple shield.
Lactation Services after release from the hospital were, and I'm not kidding here, $99.00 per visit! After the first two, you then had to go to your pediatrician and get a prescription to go back to Lactation. After four visits to Lactation, weight checks every 3 days, a Medela Pump 'N' Style (thanks Dad!), 2 cans of formula and 3 1/2 weeks of torture, we switched entirely to formula. 
I was starting to feel like a failure. But then I looked at my daughter and realized she was all the success that I needed.

Side note: You will never hear me say that I "Successfully breastfed" because that suggests someone who was unable to, for whatever reason, failed. Any mother who tries their best and does what is in the best interest of their family is a success! If you didn't breastfeed, YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!

We vaccinated (and still do) on schedule, used Tylenol for teething pain, loved our disposable diapers and used Johnson & Johnson skin care products. However, we were fine with co-sleeping.

Now for Little #2: 

I was determined to do things the way I planned originally. 

I found a midwife, the only one in our non-crunchy area, who is amazing! I jumped in and bought my diapers in advance, a whole bunch of bumGenius one size diapers. I broke the pump and nursing supplies back out and started planning my natural labor and delivery. My midwife introduced me to the idea of a Doula, and let me tell you, best decision ever! I'm not going to lie and tell you it was easy, but I will tell you that I was blessed with a very short labor and delivery. Checked in at 11:30pm, first painful contraction at 2:30, baby at 4:38am. I had my moments of sheer panic and doubted myself, but my support system pushed me through. By 6:30am, I felt wonderful and I am so glad I did it! There is no comparison between my two birth experiences or my recovery.

We didn't take cloth diapers to the hospital, we just used the Pampers they provided. Those diapers ended up burning our sweet little angel, yes, another girl, with the DryMax chemicals. My mother ordered us some newborn prefolds and covers to have shipped to us overnight as soon as we figured out what the rash problem was. Thanks, Mom!

Breastfeeding was still tough. I was in horrible pain for the fist 6 weeks. Once we got over some hurdles, it was smooth sailing and we happily nursed for 16 months.

We use Amber Teething necklaces instead of Tylenol and Natural washes and lotions instead of Johnson and Johnson.

I'm sure I'll be a little more crunchy with this third baby. I WILL be bringing cloth to the hospital this time!

Why am I telling you all this? Because it just proves that you don't have to be fully crunchy or even a little bit crunchy to use the products in our store. I will never judge you or your parenting decisions. Just when you thought I was done, let me let you in on a few other secrets:

 - We are currently using disposable diapers on our 2 year old. Why? She's daytime potty trained and only wets an over night diaper 4    
       times a week. Washing a couple diapers at a time is annoying. 
 - We use dryer sheets on our regular laundry. If it weren't for this, I would probably throw the wet diapers in with regular laundry.
 - There is "emergency" baby wash in my house and it is Johnson & Johnson because I refuse to throw things away.
 - We only recycle cardboard.
 - I would never have a home-birth intentionally. (I'm scared of the "what if")

Do you need more? So there you have it, I'm not a crazy hippy and I definitely do not expect every single person to walk through the doors to be one either. I learn from customers every day and others learn from me. In this new day in age of cyber bullying that has made it's way to mom boards, I think it's important that people know that you are free from judgement when you shop with me. I just hope that you can all return the favor.

Happy New Year! Let's try to make it the best year of parenthood yet!

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